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Disability and Wellbeing: Past, Present and Future

Tue 17th November 2015

Swansea University Council Chamber


Join members of Disability and Industrial Society project and Disability Wales for a lively public debate on the history of disability and wellbeing at Swansea University. Part of Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities. Tickets are free and open to all, but please book in advance to avoid disappointment!


Research on the so-called ‘disability paradox’ has shown that life-limiting impairment is not necessarily a barrier to happiness and wellbeing, with many disabled people reporting a good quality of life. Swansea University researchers and academics at the universities of Aberystwyth, Glasgow Caledonian and Strathclyde, are uncovering historical attitudes towards disability through the experiences of those disabled in the coal industry of the 18th–20th centuries. What do these ‘hidden histories’ tell us? How do these historical experiences compare to those of people today? What more can be done to improve people’s prospects, happiness and social inclusion? This public debate, in partnership with Disability Wales, focuses on how the happiness and wellbeing of disabled people have changed over time.


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