Mural Banner

The mural used as the banner for our website is Michael Edmonds’ ‘Untitled’ from 1959. It is owned by the NHS Llandough Hospital Trust in Wales, and the rights for its reproduction were kindly granted to us by permission of The Twentieth Century Society. (

The mural was chosen for its vibrant and colourful depiction of disability in mining communities. It illustrates, through several panels, the progress of hospital care for miners with lung diseases in Wales. An 8 metre-by-1.4. metre ceramic mural, it shows a number of aspects of care and treatment of injured and disabled miners: miners becoming injured at work, doctors conducting examinations the Pneumoconiosis Research Unit, a miner showering to indicate the use of water to prevent lung disease, and patients being x-rayed and researched by staff at the Pneumoconiosis Research Unit. Michael Edmonds passed away in March 2014. Read an obituary for Edmonds by the Guardian.

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