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Project lectures and videos

  • Disability History Festival: 'Work, Sport and Play', public talks for the IPC Athletics European Championships, 19-21 August 2014, Swansea Univeristy
    Audio recordings | Podcast: iTunes or Feedburner | Mike Mantin blog | Event page
  • 'Mining for Memories': Scottish Disability History Roadshow, National Mining Museum Scotland, 14 June 2014
    Audio recordings | Podcast: iTunes or Feedburner | Angela Turner blog | Event page 
  • Professor Peter Kirby, 'The Body and the Industrial Workplace, 1760-1850', Disability and Industrial Society Public Lecture 2013, Northumbria University, 15 May 2013
    Video and slides | Event page
  • 'The Price of Coal' South Wales Roadshow video talks, National Waterfront Museum, Swansea, 23 March 2013
    Videos | Event page | Steph Mastoris blog
  • Professor Arthur McIvor, 'Miners, Silica and Disability: The binational interplay between South Africa and the United Kingdom, c.1900-1940'
    Video and slides 
  • Professor Steven King, ‘"We must be rid of these waste people": The experiences of the disabled poor in the industrial districts of England and Wales 1790s to 1920s', Disability and Industrial Society Public Lecture 2012, Aberystwyth University, 9 May 2012.
    Video and slides | Event flyer (PDF)

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